lundi 6 février 2012

L'homme qui danse

Chacun cherche son homme qui danse...

mercredi 1 février 2012

Le travail en équipe

Un article intéressant de Susan Cain sur le travail en équipe et le travail en solitaire : The Rise of the New Groupthink.

Quelques citations en contradiction avec la tendance actuelle et la mise en oeuvre du travail en équipe...

Research strongly suggests that people are more creative when they enjoy privacy and freedom from interruption.

“Most inventors and engineers I’ve met are like me ... they live in their heads. They’re almost like artists. In fact, the very best of them are artists. And artists work best alone .... I’m going to give you some advice that might be hard to take. That advice is: Work alone... Not on a committee. Not on a team.”

J'aime particulièrement la suivante qui a le bon goût de valoriser à la fois le travail d'équipe et à la fois l'individu :

it’s one thing to associate with a group in which each member works autonomously on his piece of the puzzle; it’s another to be corralled into endless meetings or conference calls conducted in offices that afford no respite from the noise and gaze of co-workers. Studies show that open-plan offices make workers hostile, insecure and distracted.

The “evidence from science suggests that business people must be insane to use brainstorming groups,” wrote the organizational psychologist Adrian Furnham. “If you have talented and motivated people, they should be encouraged to work alone when creativity or efficiency is the highest priority.”

To harness the energy that fuels both these drives, we need to move beyond the New Groupthink and embrace a more nuanced approach to creativity and learning. Our offices should encourage casual, cafe-style interactions, but allow people to disappear into personalized, private spaces when they want to be alone.