mercredi 25 août 2010

5 questions à se poser sur un projet

Voilà 5 questions à se poser pour diagnostiquer un projet que je voudrais retenir (parmi d'autres). Elles sont extraites du chapitre 2 de Crystal Clear: A Human-Powered Methodology for Small Teams d'Alistair Cockburn :

Have you delivered running, tested, and usable code
at least twice to your user community in the last six months?

Did you get together at least once within the last three months for a half hour, hour, or half day to compare notes, reflect, discuss your group’s working habits, and discover what speeds you up, what slows you down, and what you might be able to improve?

Can you tell your boss you mis-estimated by more than 50 percent, or that you just received a tempting job offer? Can you disagree with your boss about the schedule in a team meeting? Can people end long debates about each other’s designs with friendly disagreement?

Does it take less than three days, on the average, from the time you come up with a question about system usage to when an expert user answers the question? Can you get the answer in a few hours?

Can you run the system tests to completion without having to be physically present? Do all your developers check their code into the configuration management system? Do they put in a useful note about it as they check it in? Is the system integrated at least twice a week?

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